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Updated August 21, 2017

■ Example of research topics ■


  1. 4 junction by wafer bonding
    Growth of InGaAs(P) in a large-scale MOVPE reactor using TBAs and TBP for photovoltaic applications
  2. High-speed MOVPE
    Extremely high-speed GaAs growth by MOVPE for low-cost PV application
  3. EL and PL characterization
    Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence characterization of solar cells
  4. Thin-film multi-junction (design and light trapping)
    Feasibility of thin-film InGaP/GaAs/InGaAs multi-junction solar cells using light trapping for low-cost and high-efficiency applications
  5. 1.15 eV middle cell with MQWs
    Strain-balanced multiple quantum wells for efficiency enhancement of multi-junction solar cells
  6. Theoretical modeling of MQWs (quasi bulk approach and cell design)
    Direct observation of carrier transport dynamics in quantum structures using time-of-flight technique
  7. WoW
    High-efficiency photovoltaic solar cells using Wire on Well structure
  8. ELO
    Substrate reuse with Epitaxial Lift-Off for low-cost solar cell applications
  9. Dilute nitride MQW
    Diluted-N Multiple Quantum Well Solar Cells with Flat Conduction Band Structure for Solar Cell Applications


  1. III-V on Si photo detector
    Investigation of growth mechanism of InGaAs microdiscs on Si and application to infrared photodetectors
  2. III-V on Si solar cell
    III-V on Si growth technology for high-efficiency, low-cost tandem solar cells


  1. Chip-white LED
    Phosphor-free chip-white LED using InGaN/nano-AlN emitter

Solar Fuel

  1. CPV + water electrolysis
    High efficiency solar hydrogen production combining concentrator photovoltaic modules and water electrolyzers
  2. CO2 reduction
    Electrochemical carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction for solar fuel production
  3. Semiconductor/electrolyte interface
    Investigation of photoelectrochemical reaction by extended semiconductor physics
  4. Polarization-controlled nitride photocathode
    Polarization-controlled nitride photocathode
  5. Design of energy management system using hydrogen-based power storage
    Solar to Hydrogen Energy Conversion System

Quantum modeling

  1. Quantum modeling of insulators
    Quantitative evaluation of charge transfer in dielectrics based on first principles calculation