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Updated August 21, 2017

ドラマール アモリ-DELAMARRE Amaury


ドラマール アモリ東京大学 先端科学技術研究センター
E-mail:delamarre [at-mark]
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Research and Development of Photovoltaic Energy (IRDEP), in Paris, France. He developed characterization methods of solar cells, taking advantage of the emitted luminescence. He particularly developed a Hyperspectral Imager, which is able to record the luminescence in absolute values, together with spatial and spectral resolutions. This tool was applied to various photovoltaic technologies: GaAs, Silicon, CIGS, and Hot Carrier Solar Cells. Since 2014, Amaury joined the team of Professor Sugiyama at the University of Tokyo, where he leads research on optimization and characterization of multi-quantum well solar cells, original cell architectures, as well as innovative CPV systems for hydrogen generation.